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The road to success for a new rare disease therapy is as complicated as the disease itself. With 20 years of experience in over 36 rare disease communities, Wendy White offers her experience, expertise and network to help identify gaps and opportunities that will have an impact on patients success. 

Commercial Planning

*     Gather patient input into clinical trial design where there is little or no natural history or other therapy paths/data to show the way forward

*     Manage through the complexities of communicating timing, compassionate use and pricing issues with empowered patients 

*     Build strategies for a CRM, so that patients/caregivers (those most interested in your therapy) are the first to know when it's on the market

*     Plan with you to mitigate adherence risks by understanding the needs, behaviors and attitudes of rare patients and caregivers 

Patient Advocacy 

*     Discover who and how to partner with for efficient and collaborative outcomes 

*     Identify where to find the best existing resources and which to use or create

*     Educate patients on how to tell their stories for the FDA

Patient-Centered Workshops

*     Educate internal stakeholders on how to support rare disease patients during your clinical trials all the way through commercialization 

*     Facilitate patient ad boards 

KPI Development and Audits

*    Develop and monitor Key Performance Indicators at quarterly intervals, adjusting strategies as needed for all stakeholders. 

Influencer Identification

*     Identify key sub-communities to target, Patient Communities and Patient Opinion Leaders (POLs)