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Uncommon Challenges;Shared Journeys                                                        
Stories of Love, Hope, and Community by Rare Disease Caregivers

Wendy White is an innovative leader working for over 20 years in Rare Disease at the intersection of advocacy, technology and business. She founded, grew and transitioned Siren Interactive Corporation to Dohmen Life Science Services as part of a long-term vision to integrate patient-level insights into the drug delivery continuum.

She is the mother of a child with a rare disorder and publisher and co-author of Uncommon Challenges; Shared Journeys—Stories of Love, Hope, and Community by Rare Disease Caregivers.

Her background includes four consecutive years on the Inc 5000 fastest growing company list, being recognized by PharmaVOICE magazine in 2015 and 2012 as one of the 100 most inspiring people in the pharmaceutical industry and by MedAd News with a Manny Award for her work in rare disease. She is an accomplished industry speaker and thought leader who has been quoted in multiple industry publications and spoken at domestic and international biopharmaceutical conferences, The Economist Pharma Summit in London, MIT, Dartmouth and large pharmaceutical corporate workshops.

She currently serves as Chair of Global Genes, Chair Emeritus for the Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA) and an Executive Advisor for the Chicago Life Science Consortium.

Publications and MEDIA Acknowledgements (Selected)

Honors and Awards (SELECTED)

Board Experience (SELECTED)

Healthcare Businesswomen’s Association (HBA)

Director-at-Large Membership (2011), Secretary (2012), 2nd Vice-President (2013), President-Elect (2014), President (2015), Chair Emeritus (2016)

Global Genes

Board Member, Chair (2017)

Chicago Life Science Consortium (CLSC)

Executive Advisor

National Organization for Rare Disorders (NORD)


Public Speaking (SELECTED)

twitter link

100 most Influential people in Pharma

2017 Red Jacket (Lifetime membership) 

2015, 2012 PharmaVOICE  

Manny Heart Award

2011 MedAdNews 
Inc 5000 Award
2010, 2011, 2012, 2013 Inc. Magazine 

President’s Award
2008 Healthcare Business Women’s Association 

Top 50 Social Media Influencers in the Rare Disease Space
2008 World Orphan Drug Congress 

Additional Awards and Honors:
2013 Marcom Award: Platinum Web/Marketing, Outstanding Achievement Website Development, WMA, Inc. 5000 Award
2012 MMM Gold, PM360 top 10 Innovators, Inc. 5000 Award
2011 Manny Heart Award, Web Health Award, Hermes Gold Award, Inc. 5000 Award
2010 Rx Club Awards, Web Health Awards, Web Marketing Association Awards, Inc. 5000 Award 
2007 Hermes Gold Award, World Wide Web Health Awards
2006 MarCom Creative Awards, Web Marketing Association Award
2005 MarCom Creative Awards
2004 MarCom Creative Awards, Webby Worthy Award
2003 Award of Merit, Certificate of Creative Excellence
2002 Philo Awards, Award of Distinction, Silver Screen Award
2001 Philo Award, Spectra Award of Excellence
2000 International Gold Cindy Award, Certificate of Creative Excellence1999 International Silver Cindy Award

Global Genes Patient Summit
Septemer 2017 
Global Genes

Irvine, CA

Patient Engagement -- Challenges and Opportunities
May 2017

University of Rochester Technology and Rare Neurological Diseases Symposium
Rochester, NY                                                     

Best Practices for Partnering with Disease Foundations and Patient Groups  
May 2017
Cell and Gene Exchange
Washington, DC

The Unique Challenges and Opportunities of Rare Disease Drug Development
March 2017
BIO-Europe Spring

Barcelona, Spain

Support for Patients as Partners Through the Drug Development Lifecycle  
February 2017
Guest Speaker

Rare Disease Day at National Institute of Health

Bethesda, MD

Beyond the Buzzword: Patient Centricity in Rare Disease

June 2016
Panel Moderator
2016 BIO Conference

San Francisco, CA

Patients at the Center

June 2016
Convener/Panel Moderator
2015 BIO Conference, CA Pavilion

San Francisco, CA

Patient Partnerships in Development

May 2016
Panelist/Cell and Gene Therapy Conference

Washington, DC

Importance of Patient Partnerships

January 2016

JP Morgan Dinner

Convener/Panel Moderator
San Francisco, CA

Finding Purpose In Your Worklife

March 2016

HBA St. Louis Symposium
St. Louis, MO

Working Toward Impact

May 2015

Featured Speaker
New York, NY

Year in Review and Path Forward

November 2015
HBA Annual Conference
Indianapolis, IN 

Women in BioScience

September 2015
BIOForward Conference
Madison, WI

Empowering Patient Advocates to Become Successful Activists

September 2014          
2014 Global Genes | RARE Patient Advocacy Summit
Newport Beach, CA

Patient Perceptions Are Pharma’s Reality

April 2014
Guest Speaker                                                                                                
World Orphan Drug Congress
Washington, D.C.

Critical Issues in Patient Advocacy Engagement and Collaboration: How do we find common Ground?

April 2014
Panel Moderator/Workshop Presenter                                                          
World Orphan Drug Congress
Washington, D.C.

Issues in Rare Disease

Invited Speaker

March 2014    
M.I.T. H@cking Medicine Hackathon
Cambridge, MA

The Business of Rare Disease

Professor, Visiting Executive Program (in Residence)

January 2014
The Tuck School of Business at Dartmouth                                                     
Hanover, NH

How Rare Disease is Different

Invited Speaker (Video)

November 2013
Health IT Course (Master’s in Health Care Delivery Science Program
The Audrey and Theodor Geisel School of Medicine at Dartmouth)                

Lessons in Leadership

Invited Speaker

October 2013
HBA Chicago – 10 year anniversary celebration: Inspiration for the next 10 years       
Rosemont, IL

From Symptoms to Cure: The Journey of a Rare Disease Advocate – Equipping Patients to Make a Difference

September 2013
2013 Global Genes | RARE Patient Advocacy Summit
Newport Beach, CA

How Successful Patient Engagement Can Help Product Success

April 2013
World Orphan Drug Congress
Washington, D.C.

A Roadmap for Patient Advocacy Investment

April 2013
Workshop Convener/Moderator
World Orphan Drug Congress
Washington, D.C.

Role of Social Media in Rare Disease Space

March 2012
Guest Speaker:
RD Grand Round and Pfizer Annual Rare Disease Summit, Cambridge, MA

Putting the Patient at the Centre

February 2012
The Economist Pharma Summit, London, England
Wendy's Caregiver Journey

October 2010
Invited storyteller
HBA Leadership Conference, Philadelphia, PA                                                                            

Social Media as Communication Tool

September 2010
Invited Speaker
National Institute of Health, Bethesda, MD